PHP 5.4 available on all HostKnox servers

Today we added a new PHP branch to our server setup - PHP 5.4. The latest and greatest PHP version 5.4.3 is now available on all HostKnox servers.

Together with PHP 5.1.6, PHP 5.2.17 and PHP 5.3.13, PHP 5.4 is the fourth different PHP version all HostKnox customers can choose from via the PHP Settings tool available in the Pixie control panel.

As with all other PHP versions, PHP 5.4.3 can work as both CGI and FastCGI SAPI.

So, to all current and future HostKnox customers, enjoy the new PHP version and expect more great features to be added soon.

Best regards,

The HostKnox Team


Saturday, June 2, 2012

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