Free Application Upgrade from HostKnox

Free Application Upgrade from HostKnox

We will upgrade your application for free!

Free Application Upgrade

Here at HostKnox we know how difficult and frustrating an application upgrade can be. We have performed many upgrades of some of the most popular applications and we know a thing or two about application upgrades. This is why we offer a free application upgrade for the most popular applications.

Our free application upgrade offer includes:

  • Free Joomla upgrade
  • Free WordPress upgrade
  • Free MediaWiki upgrade

Disclaimer: We cannot and do not guarantee a successful application upgrade. We have completed far too many application upgrades to make such a misleading promise. We know very well that a successful upgrade depends on many factors. For example, it is very difficult to upgrade a very customized or very outdated application. This is why we do not guarantee that your application will be successfully upgraded.

What we can guarantee, however, is that we will do our absolute best to complete the upgrade successfully. And if for some reason it fails or you are not happy with the result, we guarantee that we will be able to restore your site to the state it was before the upgrade. We always make backups before upgrading an application, so you can rest assured that we will not break your site.

To take advantage of our Free Application Upgrade service, you need to have an active annual hosting account with us. Then you can request a free upgrade by posting a support ticket through your HostKnox Support Portal.

You can sign up for a HostKnox web hosting account and take advantage of the exclusive free application upgrade by clicking the button below: