HostKnox Technology

In order to achieve our goals, we knew from very early on that we could not rely on third-party solutions for our core business. Doing that would mean letting someone else decide how we would maintain our infrastructure and what we could offer to our clients. We have never been, and never will be, willing to make that kind of compromise.

Additionally, we have the required experience and know-how to develop our hosting setup and supporting software. We have worked extensively with the most widely used hosting solutions on the market and we simply knew we could do better.

Although developing our entire hosting infrastructure in-house took much more time and effort than purchasing a third-party product, we believe that in the long run it is the best solution both for our clients and for us. A system that we maintain and develop ourselves means that we are in charge of all technical aspects of our services, and we are not restricted by choices made elsewhere without any input from our clients or from us.

What's under the hood?

All of our servers run the latest stable branch of 64-bit Debian GNU/Linux. We rely on Debian because it is a very robust and stable distribution that aims to provide a uniform and secure system.

To make sure the websites of our clients are secure, each website hosted on our servers is confined to its own environment. Our setup was designed this way in order to ensure the security of our clients' data.

Of course, our clients must be able to manage their websites without having to learn any of the technical stuff. This is what the control panel software of every hosting provider is all about.

At HostKnox, we know that the control panel is at the very core of our business. Every administration task our clients need to perform on their websites, be it managing their mailboxes, DNS records, cron jobs, etc., goes through the control panel. This is why it needs to be reliable, fast, and secure.

We believe that it also needs to be easily extensible so that we can expand its features to put ever more complex and difficult tasks at the fingertips of our clients.

Since the control panel is of such great importance to our business, we decided to develop our own and although it took us quite some time, it was well worth it.

Our control panel is built on a modular client-server architecture. This design allows us to quickly and easily add modules for any missing functionality. It also makes it possible to integrate the control panel directly into our website. As a result, you don't have to log in separately on two different websites in order to see your invoices on one and create a mailbox on another. Also, every time you log in, there is a good chance you will see something new that you can do!

The HostKnox Team