Free Script Installation from HostKnox

Free Script Installation from HostKnox

We'll install ANY script/application suitable for a shared server for free!

Misc Stuff

Do you want to have a personal blog where you can share your thoughts with the world? Do you want to start an online business and sell goods or services directly from your website? Do you want a gallery where you can share your photos and videos with your friends and family? How about a bulletin board where you can start your own community? Or perhaps you want an online portal with all of these features at one place, plus a great-looking design for your site?

Free Application Installation

If the answer to one of these questions is "yes", you can save yourself the hassle of creating a complex website from scratch by using a ready-made solution. There are literally thousands of scripts and applications available for free download, so picking the best one for your specific needs may not be that easy. This decision, however, is for you to make and we'll avoid making recommendations or claiming we are the best host for a certain application or script.

What we can help you with, however, is installing the script/application you want on your HostKnox hosting account. As long as its requirements are met on our shared servers and it does not affect the server performance, we'll gladly install it for you free of charge.

To take advantage of our Free Script Installation, you need to have an active hosting account with us. Then you can request the free installation by posting a support ticket through your HostKnox Support Portal.

You can sign up for a web hosting account with us and take advantage of our free script installation service by clicking the button below: