HostKnox Hosting Features

Web Hosting from HostKnox

One hosting plan - unlimited possibilities!

The HostKnox hosting plan is a full-featured hosting solution designed to meet the needs of the everyday user (and perhaps even exceed them). Our hosting plan will provide you with everything you need to run a successful website. Here is a short list of our hosting plan's most important features:

20Gb Disk Space, Unmetered Bandwidth

Each hosting account can use up to 20Gb of disk space. The bandwidth usage is unmetered.

Unlimited Features

We do not limit the number of mailboxes, subdomains, FTP accounts and MySQL databases you can create.

Unique Control Panel - Fast and Secure

We use our own control panel solution which gives us great freedom and allows us to easily manage and enhance its features.

Custom Server Setup Optimized for Security and Performance

Each hosting account is isolated in its own, jailed hosting environment. This means that even if one account on the server gets hacked, all other accounts will be protected and will remain unaffected.

Multiple PHP Versions with Both CGI and FastCGI Support

You can choose from several PHP versions depending on your specific needs. Each PHP version can run either as CGI or FastCGI.

Free SSH Access

Each HostKnox hosting account comes with free SSH access which can be enabled upon request. For best security, SSH access is isolated/jailed so that no account can access other accounts on the server.

Round-the-clock Professional Technical Support

Our seasoned support specialists will gladly help you with any technical questions or issues you may have.

Free Domain Name

Upon initial sign-up, you can choose a domain name that will be registered for free. It will also be renewed for free as long as you renew your hosting account with us.

Free Website Transfer

If you already have a website, we will transfer it to your account with us and reconfigure it to work on our servers. The free website transfer offer is available for both new and existing clients and can be requested at any time. There is also no limit on the number of free website transfers you can request from us.

Free Script Installation

Our free script installation service gives you the option to request the installation of a certain script or application on your account. The installation is performed by our script installation experts who will make sure everything is working properly once the installation is completed. There is no limit on the number of free script installations you can request.

Other Features

Some of the many other features we offer include Python and Perl support, AWStats web statistics, as well as free application extension and template installation for the most popular applications.

The above is not a complete list of all the features and services we offer. If you don't see a feature or service you need, this does not automatically mean we don't offer it. You can try searching our Knowledgebase or you can directly contact us to see if we have what you need.

You can sign up for our services and take advantage of our hosting features by clicking the button below: