Free Website Security Audit from HostKnox

Free Website Security Audit from HostKnox

We will check your website for malicious content and, if needed, secure it for free!


There is no doubt that security is a vital part of maintaining a website. Unfortunately, with so many different applications and software solutions out there, it is very hard to keep all installed software secure. Hundreds of security vulnerabilities are discovered daily and literally thousands of websites get hacked every hour. Most of the times site owners do not even know their websites are hacked and used for malicious activities such as spam, scam or phishing.

HostKnox Security

If you have ever had your website hacked, you will know how difficult it is to recover it and repair the damage done by the hackers. This is why here at HostKnox we do our best to help people with hacked sites by offering a free website security audit.

The HostKnox free website security audit includes:

  • Free check for malicious content on your website
  • Free removal of any malicious code found in your files
  • Free implementation of additional security measures for your website

Disclaimer: We cannot guarantee that we will be able to recover your site. Very often hackers cause irreparable damage to a website and the only solution is to rebuild it from scratch. In such cases the only thing we can do is help you recover as much of your data as possible.

To take advantage of our Free Website Security Audit service, you need to have an active annual hosting account with us. Then you can request a free security audit by posting a support ticket through your HostKnox Support Portal.

You can sign up for a HostKnox web hosting account and take advantage of the exclusive free website security audit by clicking the button below: