HostKnox Security

HostKnox Security Policy

How we protect our customers and their sites

The HostKnox security specialists are always on the watch, even during the holidays. They follow all major bug trackers and security lists and if a bug or vulnerability in a piece of software we use is found, they react immediately by patching/updating the vulnerable software. This way our customers can rest assured that their websites are hosted on a stable, secure and up-to-date hosting environment with the latest system and server software installed.

HostKnox Chroot

Along with keeping all our software up to date, which is in fact something every hosting provider must do, here at HostKnox we have a trump card up our sleeve - our servers utilize our own unique server chroot setup which isolates every account in its own environment. This means that no matter how many vulnerable applications and backdoor scripts are uploaded to a hosting account, they cannot be used to compromise other accounts hosted on the same server.

HostKnox Security

Keeping our software updated and having a unique chrooted hosting environment, combined with the security audit services we provide to our customers, makes the HostKnox web hosting plan the perfect solution for people who take website security seriously, keep their site software up to date and trust their host does the same. Our customers can rest assured we are on top of all things, always doing our best to keep our servers as secure and as bug-free as possible!