Magento vulnerability patched on all HostKnox servers

Yesterday an important security update was released for Magento addressing a recently found vulnerability in the Zend platform.

The Magento community recommends that all Magento users patch their stores as soon as possible.

HostKnox has always been a strong supporter of Magento and we have many customers using our Magento hosting services to host and manage their online stores.

So, instead of leaving the cumbersome task of patching the two affected files to our customers, we went ahead and patched all Magento installations on our servers.

Since we also offer free Magento transfer for existing Magento stores, our future customers can rest assured that if they decide to try our services, their Magento installations will be patched during the transfer to ensure this vulnerability does not affect them.

For some general advice on how to keep your Magento store out of harm's way, you may want to check our Magento Security Tutorial.


The HostKnox Team

Friday, July 6, 2012

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