mod_pagespeed is now available on all HostKnox shared servers

mod_pagespeed is a module for Apache 2.x that automatically optimizes web pages and the resources they take up. It automatically applies the best performance optimization practices of Google's Page Speed technology at serving time.

After successfully running various tests with mod_pagespeed, we are happy to announce that it has been enabled on all HostKnox shared servers. Web sites running with mod_pagespeed show great improvement in page serving speed in almost all cases.

mod_pagespeed is a great addition to the HostKnox server setup which also supports FastCGI for multiple PHP versions. On our setup you can easily combine mod_pagespeed with FastCGI and get a great performance boost for your website.

HostKnox is one of the first web hosting providers to offer mod_pagespeed in production environment. We will continue to work hard in order to implement the latest technologies and make them available to our customers. Expect more great features to come soon.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

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