How to add categories and articles to Joomla menus

In order for the visitors on your site to be able to browse through the categories and articles you have created, and to make them more accessible, you should add those categories and articles to one or more of the menus on your site. This is done through the Menu Manager of your Joomla backend (admin panel).

To add a parent category with subcategories, first create the categories from the Category Manager, then from the Article Manager create the articles you want to put in the subcategories.

Once you have created the structure of the parent category, subcategories and articles that you want to add, go to the Menu Manager (Menus>Menu Manager) and click on the menu you wish to use, for example the main menu. If you haven't installed the sample data only the main menu will be enabled by default.

After you click on the menu you will see a table with the menu items. Click on the New button in the upper right corner to add a new item. Since you'll add a parent category with subcategories, for Menu Item Type select List All Categories. In the Required Settings panel select the top level category to be the same as the one you're adding at the moment. Then type the name of the category in the Menu Title field. If you wish you can set some of the other options. When you're done, save the menu item.

To add a category with no subcategories but just articles in it, do the same things. The only difference is that you should set the Menu Item Type to either Category Blog or Category List. If you select Category List only the names of the articles inside the category will be displayed in a table. With Category Blog the articles will be shown in a column with introductions.

You can also add a separate article as a menu item. Simply select Single Article for Menu Item Type and from the Required Settings panel select the desired article.

For more information and screenshots you can check out the tutorial on adding categories and articles to menus.

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