How to manage orders in Magento

To view and manage orders in Magento log in to the admin panel and go to Sales menu>Orders. On the page that is displayed you'll see all the orders listed in a table; to view, edit and process an order click on its row in the table. To create a new order click on the Create New Order button that's above the top right corner of the table. On this page you can perform a few other actions. To do this mark the checkbox in front of the order(s) in the table, select the action from the Actions drop-down menu in the upper right corner of the table and click on the Submit button. In this way you can cancel, hold or unhold orders, and you can print invoices, packing slips and credit memos.

When you click on a particular order in the table this will display its information page. It consists of several blocks and each block displays some information related to the order. There's a block which shows the order ID and status, the site and store view from which the order was placed and the IP address of the customer. Another block shows the customer's name, email address and the customer group to which the customer belongs. There are also blocks for the shipping and billing address. You can also view the payment and shipping methods used for this order and all the information connected with the price and quantity of each of the order products, the subtotal and grand total price, tax and shipping charges and discounts. There's also a block which you can use to write comments connected with the order. If you want these comments to be visible from the account settings of the customer's account on the frontend and/or to be sent to the customer's email address, mark the respective checkboxes before submitting the comment.

If you want to edit anything related to the order click on the Edit button that's in the top right corner of the order information page. Using the other buttons there you can also cancel the order and hold/unhold it. To issue an invoice click on the Invoice button that's there. When you sent the package with the customer's products click on the Ship button. In both cases a new page will open on which you can review the invoice or shipment information, and then you just need to click on the Submit Invoice or Submit Shipment button. After you generate an invoice and submit the shipment the order status will change to Complete.

For screenshots and some more details you can also check out the tutorial on managing orders in Magento.

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