How to change the site name in WordPress

By default, on the frontend of your site there's a site title which with the themes that come prepackaged with WordPress is displayed in the upper left corner of the page. It's also a link to the homepage of your site. The site title is first set during the installation process. However, you can change it at any time from the admin panel once the installation is complete. Don't confuse the site title with the URL address of your site. The site title is just some name that's displayed on the frontend of your site; it can be any name you want.

After you log in to the admin panel of your WordPress there are couple of places from which you can change the site title. One way to do it is from the settings of the theme that you use. To do this go to Appearance menu>Themes submenu>Customize button for the theme>Site Title & Tagline panel on the left. Another way to do it is from the general settings: in the admin panel go to Settings menu>General submenu, type the name in the field for Site Title and click on the Save Changes button.

Note that even if you make the change from the settings of the particular theme, when it comes to the site title and the tagline this will affect the other installed themes as well.

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