How to remove or display the site title and tagline in WordPress

At the top of the frontend of your WordPress site by default there are a site name and a tagline ("Just another WordPress site") displayed. If you want to remove them from the header of your site, you can do this by changing a single setting in the admin panel of your WordPress.

After you log in go to Appearance menu>Themes submenu and on the page that opens click on the Header button that's under the name of your current theme. On the following page unmark the checkbox Show header text with your image (or some similar text) and click on the Save Changes button. This will remove both the site title and the tagline. If you want to display them again, just go back and mark the checkbox.

Note that while the prepackaged default themes that come with WordPress have such a functionality many of the custom/third party themes may not have such options. In this case an alternative solution is simply to delete the site name and the tagline from the general settings. In the admin panel go to Settings menu>General submenu, delete the text in the fields for Site Title and Tagline and click on the Save Changes button. This is also useful if you want to remove only the site title or only the tagline. Keep in mind that in this case the design of the header will not be adjusted to reflect the absence of the site title and the tagline.

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