How to display user edit counts in MediaWiki

In MediaWiki there's an option with which you can enable the display of user edit counts on the page that lists users. This is the page that can be accessed by going to Tools menu>Special pages button>Users and rights section>User list button, or by directly opening its URL address (e.g. When the option for user edit counts is enabled, on that page after each username you'll see the number of edits that the user has made. This includes not only edits to the content of pages, but also other actions related to pages.

The option is called $wgEdititis and it's disabled by default. You can enable it by adding it to the LocalSettings.php file of your MediaWiki. Just add the following on a new line at the end of the file:

$wgEdititis = true;

In case you want to disable the option either set it to false or delete the line from LocalSettings.php altogether. Another way to disable it is to make it a comment by adding the symbol # in front of it (e.g. #$wgEdititis = true;); in this way if you want to enable it again, you only have to delete the symbol #.

If you haven't edited the LocalSettings.php and you don't know where to find it, it's in the root MediaWiki folder on your MediaWiki hosting account. Assuming that the application is installed directly in the public_html directory on your account (making the frontend accessible at, then the path to the file with regard to that directory will be public_html/LocalSettings.php. HostKnox customers can view and edit files with the file manager of the Pixie control panel. Another way is to download the file on your local computer, edit it with a text editor (e.g. Notepad ++) and upload it back overwriting the old file.

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