How to protect WordPress from spam

Here are some ideas on how to stop spam comments from being posted on your blog:

  • Activate the Akismet plugin that comes with every WordPress installation package. To do this go to the Plugins section of your Dashboard and follow the instructions in the description for the Akismet plugin.
  • There are also other plugins for fighting spam comments. You can search in the plugin section of the official Wordpress site, or you can also do it from the Plugins section of your Dashboard. It's advisable to install a captcha plugin, such as WP-reCAPTCHA or Conditional CAPTCHA, and a Project HoneyPot plugin such as WP-HoneyPot or http:BL.
  • Your Dashboard also offers options which can restrict who and how can post comments. Log in to your admin panel and go to Settings>Discussion. From there you can set the options so that each comment will have to wait for your approval; you can allow only registered users to post comments; you can make lists of spam words or IP addresses used by spammers to send spam to your blog, etc.
  • With a simple rule inside the .htaccess file in your root WordPress directory you can block IP addresses, so that they won't be able to view your blog at all.
  • If you wish to disable all comments on your blog, you can also do that from your Dashboard. Check the tutorial on disabling WordPress comments for more information.

For more detailed information you can check the tutorial on WordPress Spam Protection.

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