What are the different Joomla extension types

Joomla extensions are grouped into several types. The different extension types perform various functions and tasks on your site. The Joomla installation package comes with a number of extensions from each type: all the basic things you need to create a site. You can find many more extensions on the official Joomla site.

Here are the basic types of extensions:

  • Components are the largest extension type. In short, they display the main content on your site. An example is the content component which displays the major information on your frontend (e.g featured article in the middle of the page). Other examples are the contact component, the search component, etc. Most components perform functions both on the frontend of your site as well as on the backend.
  • Modules are smaller extensions and can be seen as parts arranged around a component. Examples are the menus on the sides and at the top of your site's frontend. Some modules interact with a component, while others function independently.
  • Templates are responsible for the look and design of your site. Every installation package comes with several different templates. You can download more from Joomla's site.
  • Plugins have the function to perform small tasks. A plugin may be associated with another extension; when this extension is executed the plugin performs its task. Examples are the search plugins which are called into action by the search component to search through different sections of the site. Other plugins may function on their own.
  • Languages are another extension type. You can choose the language during the installation of Joomla, or you can download different language packs later. Joomla supports many languages. You can change the default language of both the frontend and the backend (admin panel) of your site.

For some more information read the tutorial on Joomla extension types.

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