How to install and use phpBB3 AutoMOD

AutoMOD is a phpBB3 modification for installing other MODs automatically. You can download AutoMOD from the official phpBB site.

Before you install AutoMOD make sure you have a recent backup copy of the phpBB3 files and of the database used by it.

After you download AutoMOD to your local computer unpack the archive. Then upload the contents of the upload directory that's inside the unpacked folder (without the upload directory itself) to the root phpBB3 directory on your hosting account. You can do this using an FTP client. Overwrite the old files that are on the account with the new ones.

One of the uploaded folders is called install. The next thing you have to do is to open with your internet browser the URL address of the install folder (e.g. This will start the AutoMOD installation script. On the page that opens click on the Submit button, then confirm the action and you should have AutoMOD installed. After it's installed, delete the install folder from the phpBB3 directory on your account.

Now, when you access your administration control panel, there should be an AutoMOD tab added to the rest of the tabs. When you click on this tab you'll see a table with the installed and uninstalled MODs.

To install a MOD using AutoMOD, after you download the particular MOD, go to the AutoMOD page of the administration panel, click on the Browse button in the Upload MOD section, and locate the MOD archive on your local computer (the archive shouldn't be unpacked). Then click on the Upload button. AutoMOD will automatically upload and unpack the archive in the /store/mods folder on your account. Alternatively, you can unpack the MOD on your local computer and upload with an FTP client the unpacked folder to the /store/mods folder; the store folder is in the root phpBB3 directory on your account.

After that on the AutoMOD page of the administration panel click on the Install button that is next to the name of the MOD. AutoMOD will perform all the necessary actions to install the MOD. If everything is OK you'll see a list of the changes and whether each change was successful. If there are some changes that AutoMOD could not perform, you'll have to make them manually. For more information read the tutorial on installing MODs manually.

You may also need to perform some other tasks, such as purging the phpBB3 cache, or configuring some settings. These tasks will be listed under DIY instructions at the top of the page with the installation results.

Depending on the MOD, after it's installed you may have to configure some settings to enable it. From the AutoMOD page of the administration panel you can also uninstall and delete MODs.

For some more details check out the phpBB3 AutoMOD Tutorial.

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