How to add products in PrestaShop

To add a new product, log in to the backend of your store, click on the Catalog tab, and on the page that opens find the button Add a new product and click on it.

On the page that opens you'll see two tabs with options: Info and Images. The Info tab page is displayed by default; it contains the most basic product options. The first section with options on that page is labeled Product global information; there you can type the name of the product, select a manufacturer and supplier, make the product available on the frontend of the store, etc.

The next setting is for creating a pack by adding some other products to the current one you're configuring. It's useful if you want to sell several products at once and make a special discount on the offer. Just mark the checkbox for Pack, type in the text field the name of the product you want to include and click on the green button.

The next option is for downloadable products (e.g. MP3s). If the product is downloadable, mark the checkbox for Is this a downloadable product and configure the options that appear.

The next group of options concerns the price of the product. Type the price at which you bought the product in the field for Pre-tax wholesale price, then type the price at which you want to sell it in the field for Pre-tax retail price. Select the tax from the Tax rule drop-down menu. There should be some correctly preconfigured tax rates, valid for the default country that you selected during the installation process.

The next settings are some availability options. You can specify how many items of the product you have in stock and also the minimum quantity that customers have to order (e.g. 1).

Further down the page there are some options for additional shipping cost and whether the product should be available for ordering when out of stock.

The next settings are for choosing the category to which you want the product to belong (you can put it in several categories), and some search engine optimization settings (optional).

And finally, use the built-in text editors to type a short description of the product and a more detailed description. Under the text editors there's a text field for tags, and also another one for adding accessories for the product.

After you're done with the settings click on the Save or Save and stay button to add the product. When you save the product, in addition to the default Info and Images tabs several other tabs with product options will appear (Prices, Combinations, Features, Customization, Attachments). Check out the respective articles on some of the additional product options.

For some more details and screenshots you can also check out our PrestaShop Products Tutorial.

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