How to remove the "Other payment methods" button

At the Payment step of the checkout process customers have to select the payment method that they want to use. After they click on the payment method, on the next page they are shown information about the order and the payment method. By default, below this information there are two buttons: I confirm my order and Other payment methods. To continue with the payment process the customer has to click on the confirmation button. The Other payment methods button will take the customer a step back in the checkout process so that he/she can select another method. The button will be displayed even if you have enabled only one payment method. If you want to, however, you can remove the button Other payment methods from the frontend of your PrestaShop store.

You can do this by commenting out some code in one of the template files for the particular payment module. Before you start making changes to the code of template files, go to the backend of your store, click on the Preferences tab, then on the Performance sub-tab, mark the button Yes for the option Force compile and click on the Save button. In this way when you modify the template files, you'll be able to see the results immediately on the frontend of your store (you only have to refresh the page). After you're finished with the modifications disable the Force compile option.

If your PrestaShop is installed in the root public_html directory on your hosting account, all the folders for the different modules would be in public_html/modules. Depending on the payment module, the template file that you need to modify might be different. For the Bankwire and Cheque payment modules the file is payment_execution.tpl; the template file for the PayPal and Google Checkout payment modules is confirm.tpl; for Cash on Delivery it's validation.tpl.

The code that you have to comment out is almost the same for each payment module. For example, if the module is PayPal, go to the folder for that module (e.g. public_html/modules/paypal), open the file confirm.tpl, and comment out the code:

<a href="order.php?step=3" class="button_large">
{l s='Other payment methods' mod='paypal'}</a>

To comment it out means to put an exclamation mark and two hyphens after the first bracket (e.g. <!--a), and two hyphens before the last bracket (e.g. </a-->).

The code is very similar for other payment modules. As we mentioned, you just have to look in the appropriate template file for that module.

Don't forget that changes to the code of core files are overwritten during an update of the PrestaShop application, so you should keep track of all your modifications.

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