How to manage the options for general preferences in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6

In this article we'll briefly review the options that are available when you go to Preferences menu>General sub-menu in the admin panel.

For more details check out the tutorial on how to configure and manage the options in Preferences menu>General sub-menu in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6.

After you open the page with the options, the one at the top is labeled Enable SSL. If you want the transfer of sensitive data to and from your site to be encrypted, enable this option by clicking on the link that's there. Then configure the options that appear. Note that in order to use SSL you need to have a private SSL certificate. HostKnox customers can purchase an SSL certificate from the client area.

The option Increase Front Office security is enabled by default. If you don't have any specific reasons for disabling it, it's recommended to keep it enabled. The option Allow iframes on HTML fields is disabled by default, and it's recommended to keep it disabled. If you enable it, you and other employees with access to the admin panel can use iframes in the source code of product descriptions, category descriptions, etc. They are used for displaying an external site (or another page of the same site) in a small frame on a page on your site.

The option Use HTML Purifier Library (it's not available in PrestaShop 1.5) is enabled by default. It's recommended to keep it enabled so that you don't compromise the security of your site. It prevents visitors and customers on the frontend of your site from sending malicious code from the text fields that are there (e.g. in the customer account settings, fields for product customizations, etc.).

From the drop-down menu Round mode you can select how prices and taxes should be rounded. By default, it's set to classical (e.g. 15.1-15.4 are rounded to 15, 15.5 to 15.9 are rounded to 16), you can change it to superior (e.g. 15.1 to 15.9 are rounded to 16), or inferior (e.g. 15.1 to 15.9 are rounded to 15).

The option Display suppliers and manufacturers is enabled by default. This means that even when the module for manufacturers and the one for suppliers are disabled, the pages on the frontend that list the manufacturers and suppliers will still be available. The option Display best sellers (not available in PrestaShop 1.5) functions in a similar way but it concerns the module for best sales. When the option is enabled and the module is disabled this ensures that the page on the frontend that lists the best sales will be available.

If you enable the option Enable Multistore, this will make available the options for configuring a multistore. When the option is enabled you can access these options from Advanced Parameters menu>Multistore sub-menu.

From the drop-down menu Main Shop Activity you can optionally select the main area of your business (e.g. what your store sells).

For some more details you can also read our PrestaShop 1.5-1.6 general preferences tutorial.

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