How to remove the "Add to cart" button from category pages for products with attributes in PrestaShop

As you know, in PrestaShop you can add attributes and attributes groups, and you can use those attributes groups (e.g. color, disk space) to make combinations, so that you can offer the same product in different colors, for example. By default, when a customer browses a category page on the frontend of your store all the products in that category are listed, and there's an Add to cart button for each product. In this way the customer can add the product to the cart without going to the product page and viewing the details for that product.

This, however, can be a disadvantage if the product has attributes and is offered in different combinations. These combinations can be selected only on the product page. If the customer adds the product to the cart directly from the category page, the default combination will be automatically added to the cart.

If you want to, you can hide the Add to cart button from the category page for products that have attributes and are offered in different combinations. You can do this from the backend of your PrestaShop. After you log in to the back office, click on the Preferences tab and then on the Products sub-tab. Find the option Display the "add to cart" button when a product has attributes and mark the No button. Then click on the Save button at the bottom of the page, and that's it. Now a product that has attributes can be added to the cart only from the product page, and not from the category page.

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