How to add and edit domains and DNS records with the Pixie control panel

HostKnox customers can manage the DNS records for each of their sites from the section Domain Names and DNS Settings of the Pixie control panel. After you log into the control panel click on the Manage button for the particular account/site and on the page with the tools click on Domain Names and DNS Settings. On the page that opens you'll see the domain name of your site and the domain names of parked domains (if any). To park domains just click on the Add Domain Name button in the black area on the right, then on the following page type the domain name in the text field and click on the Add Domain button. The domain will be parked with the necessary DNS records automatically configured.

As we mentioned, in the Domain Names and DNS Settings section of the Pixie control panel you'll see listed your domain name and any parked domains. When you click on the name of a domain a small panel with some buttons will expand. You can use the buttons Remove and Disable email to respectively remove the domain name and all its DNS records and to disable the email function for that domain. To edit any of the existing DNS records of the domain or to add new ones click on the Edit DNS records button. On the following page you'll see tables with the existing DNS records. Each table lists the records from a particular type (e.g. A, MX, etc.). In the tables you can see the current values for each record. In the last column of the table there are buttons Edit, Disable and Delete with which you can respectively edit, disable or delete the particular record. In the black area on the right side of the page there are several buttons with which you can add DNS records. Each button is for a different type of DNS record.

On the same page with the DNS records there are a couple of buttons for other useful tools. One of them is Revert DNS to Defaults with which you can revert all DNS changes that you've made. The other one is Point MX Records to Google; if you want your mail to be handle by Google servers instead of the HostKnox servers just click on it and the necessary records will be added.

For some more details and screenshots you can also read the tutorial on how to manage DNS records and settings with the Pixie control panel.

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