How to add and manage FTP users with the Pixie control panel

HostKnox customers can manage FTP users that have access to their hosting account(s) from the FTP Usernames section of the Pixie control panel. After you log into the control panel click on the Manage button for the particular site/account and on the next page click on FTP Usernames.

To add a new username click on the Add FTP Username button in the black area on the right. On the page that opens type in the corresponding fields a username and password for the user. The other settings are optional. They are Directory and Description. By default, in the Directory text field there's only a forward slash. This means that the FTP user will have access to /home/username and all subfolders on the hosting account. Just for reference, the path to the root web-accessible folder public_html is /home/username/public_html (username is replaced with the actual account name). To limit the access of the user to some subfolder, put the path in the text field (in relation to /home/username). For example, if you put /public_html/example_dir, the user will have access only to the folder example_dir that's inside public_html.

In the Description text field you can type some description or any information related to the user. It's only shown in the Pixie control panel on the page that lists all existing users. After you configure the options don't forget to click on the Add FTP Username button.

In the FTP Usernames section of the Pixie control panels you'll see displayed the FTP users that you've added. If you click on a username a panel with some buttons will expand. These buttons are Rename, Change Description, Change Password and Remove. With these buttons you can respectively rename the particular user, change the description, change the password of the user or delete the user.

For some more details and screenshots you can also read the tutorial on how to manage FTP usernames with the Pixie control panel.

You may also find useful the FTP tutorials where you'll find information on how to configure some of the popular FTP clients.

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