How to change your PHP version and switch between CGI and FastCGI using the Pixie control panel

HostKnox customers can set the PHP version used by their site(s) and each of the subdomains of that site. You can set your site to use one version and each subdomain to use a different version. You can do this from the PHP Settings section of the Pixie control panel. After you log in click on the Manage button for the particular site and then click on PHP Settings.

On the page that opens there's a table that lists your main site and each of the subdomains of that site. It shows the currently used PHP version for each, as well as whether it's configured to use CGI or FastCGI. To change the PHP version and/or switch between CGI and FastCGI click on the Edit button for the site (or subdomain). On the following page there's a drop-down menu from which you can select a PHP version. There are also a couple of radio buttons with which you can switch between CGI and FastCGI. If you make any changes don't forget to click on the Change button that's under the options.

For more details and screenshots read the tutorial on how to manage PHP settings with the Pixie control panel.

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