How to add, edit and remove cron jobs with the Pixie control panel

The Pixie control panel has a tool with which HostKnox customers can add, edit and remove cron jobs. To access and use it, log into the Pixie control panel, click on the Manage button for the particular site/account and on the next page click on Cron Jobs.

On the page that opens there's an Add Cron Job button in the black area on the right. Click on it and on the following page you'll see two options. The first one is a drop-down menu from which you can select the frequency of the cron job. Under it there's a text field in which you have to type the cron job command. After that click on the Add Cron Job button that's under the text field to save the cron job.

All cron jobs that you add are listed in the Cron Jobs section of the Pixie control panel. To edit or remove a cron job click on it and a small panel will expand. There you'll see the buttons Edit and Remove with which you can respectively edit the frequency and/or the command of the cron job or delete it altogether.

In the black area on the right there's also a link labeled Result Recipient. You can use it to provide an email address for error messages. If for some reason a cron job could not be executed, the error message will be sent to that email address.

For more details and screenshots check out the tutorial on how to manage cron jobs with the Pixie control panel.

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