How to move Joomla to a new host

In this article you'll find the steps that you have to take to transfer your Joomla site from one hosting account to another (either from one hosting provider to another, or from one account to another with the same host).

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You have to do the following things:

  • You need to copy the Joomla files and folders from the old to the new account. One way to transfer them is with an FTP client (e.g. FileZilla). Download them to your local computer and then upload them to the new account.

  • Export the database in which your Joomla is installed from the old hosting account to your local computer. Then on the new account add a new database and import in it the SQL dump file that's on your local computer (the previously exported database). You can do this with phpMyAdmin.

  • Edit the Joomla configuration.php file. It's in the root Joomla folder. There are a few lines that you need to change in that file.

First you have to change the lines related to the database:

public $user = 'username';
public $password = 'user_pass';
public $db = 'database_name';

Change database_name with the name of the database into which you imported the SQL dump file. Replace username and user_pass with the actual username and password of the user of that database. Databases can be created and users added to them from the Databases section of the Pixie control panel.

In the configuration.php file you should also edit the following lines:

public $log_path = '/home/username/public_html/logs';
public $tmp_path = '/home/username/public_html/tmp';

Change the paths so that they point to the logs and tmp folders on the new account. The logs and tmp folders are in the root Joomla directory.

For some more details you can also read the tutorial on how to migrate your Joomla site.

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