How to manage WordPress comments

Comments are an important part of every blog. After all, that's one of the main reasons for creating a blog. To publish posts and articles to which other users can post comments. You can control all aspects connected with the comments on your blog from your WordPress administration panel.

You can edit, delete, approve and manage the comments on your blog from the Comments section of the Dashboard. There you can approve comments waiting in the moderation queue, edit comments, mark them as spam or trash, delete them permanently, etc.

To configure different options connected with the comments, log in to your Dashboard and go to Settings>Discussion. There, among other things, you can disable all the comments to new posts (to learn how to disable all the comments on your blog check our WordPress disable comments tutorial).

You can also set rules about how people can post comments on your blog. You can control and prevent spam and unwanted messages through the Comment Moderation and Comment Blacklist fields; you can type different words, URLs, IP addresses in the fields, and when these are found in comments posted on your blog those comments will have to wait for approval, or will be marked as spam.

You can check our WordPress Comments tutorial for more information on how to manage WordPress comments.

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