Free Magento Transfer

Free Magento Transfer from HostKnox

We will transfer your Magento store from your old host to your hosting account with us for free!


If you already have a working online store based on Magento eCommerce, but you are not satisfied with the level of service of your current host and you need a Magento-optimized hosting plan, the HostKnox Magento hosting offer will be the perfect solution for you!

We know how hard and frustrating changing web hosts can be, this is why we will spare you the trouble of having to transfer and reconfigure your Magento yourself and will do it for you, free of charge as part of our Magento hosting services.

The HostKnox Free Magento Transfer service includes:

  • Free transfer of your Magento files and database from your old host to your account with us
  • Free reconfiguration of your Magento store so that it can work on your HostKnox hosting account
  • Free Magento security audit - if you suspect your Magento has been compromised, we will perform a detailed security audit and if we find any malicious content, we will quarantine it and secure your Magento store at no extra cost

Along with the above benefits for your existing Magento shop, as a HostKnox client you will also enjoy the following features:

  • Professional technical support and customer care
  • No limit on the number of mailboxes, FTP accounts and MySQL databases
  • Multiple PHP versions with CGI and FastCGI support
  • Free SSH access to your hosting account

You can sign up for a Magento hosting account with us and take advantage of our Magento hosting services by clicking the button below: