Free SugarCRM Installation

Free SugarCRM Installation from HostKnox

We will install the latest SugarCRM version on your HostKnox hosting account for free!


SugarCRM is not the easiest of applications to install as it is very sensitive when it comes to file/folder permissions and server timeout limits. Getting SugarCRM installed is a daunting task for many webmasters and this is where the host needs to step in and help. This is exactly what we at HostKnox do - we take the burden of installing SugarCRM off your shoulders and do it free of charge and for as many Sugar installations as you need!

To take advantage of our Free SugarCRM Installation service, you need to have an active HostKnox hosting account. Then you can request the free SugarCRM installation by submitting a support ticket through the HostKnox Support Portal.

You can sign up for a web hosting account with HostKnox and take advantage of our free SugarCRM installation offer by clicking the button below and completing the order process: