How to configure shipping in PrestaShop

To configure the shipping settings, log in to the backend of your PrestaShop store and click on the Shipping tab. On the page that opens there are three sections: Handling, Billing, Fees.

In the Handling section you can specify the handling charges, and if you want to, you can offer free shipping. In the Billing section select whether you want the shipping fees to be in relation to the total weight of the order, or in terms of its total price. This billing option is the general for the store. However, when you add a new carrier you can select whether you want to use the default billing option, or you can set the carrier to use a different billing option.

The third section on the Shipping tab page is Fees. In this section you can set the fees for the different carriers. Choose the carrier from the Carrier drop-down menu and then in the table that appears type the fees.

Of course, before you can select any carrier you have to add it. To do this click on the Carriers sub-tab of the Shipping tab. Then click on the Add new button and configure the settings. After you add the carrier you also have to add the price or weight ranges, depending on the billing option that you have selected for the carrier. You can add price ranges from the Price Ranges sub-tab of the Shipping tab, and you can add weight ranges from the Weight Ranges sub-tab. The settings for both are the same. After you click on the Add new button, type a name for the range and specify the range by typing the desired values in the respective fields.

For screenshots and more details you can also check out the PrestaShop Shipping Tutorial.

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