How to manage PrestaShop invoices

To change the invoice options and generate PDF files with any of the invoices created by your store, log in to the backend of your PrestaShop, click on the Orders tab and then on the Invoices sub-tab.

On the page that opens there are two sections which allow you to generate a file with invoices by date or by order status. In the By date section you can specify the desired period; all invoices created during this period will be included in the file.Then just click on the Generate PDF file button.

From the other section (By order statuses) you can generate a file with invoices according to the order status(es). Under these two sections there are some invoice options from which you can enable or disable invoices, you can change the invoice prefix and also change the number of the next invoice.

For some more details and screenshots you can check the PrestaShop Invoices Tutorial.

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