How to disable the "My Activity Stream" dashlet and manage activity streams in SugarCRM

By default, on the home page of every account in SugarCRM, both administrator and regular user accounts, there is a dashlet called My Activity Stream. This dashlet displays module and user feeds. When a user creates records for new leads, contacts, opportunities and cases all users are informed for this through the My Activity Stream dashlet. This dashlet can also be used by users to post images, YouTube videos and links to external sites. Every user can choose whether they want such a dashlet to be present on the home page of their account. It's shown by default, but they can remove it.

Administrators, however, can disable this type of dashlet globally. This means that the dashlet will be removed from the accounts of all users (including administrators), and they won't be able to add it even if they want to. Administrators can also choose feeds from which modules are to be displayed in the dashlet.

To disable the My Activity Stream dashlet or edit its options globally, log in to your account (as an admin), and click on the Admin link in the upper right corner. On the admin panel scroll to the section System and click on the button Activity Streams. On the following page you can disable the dashlet by unmarking the checkbox for the option Enable My Activity Stream Dashlet. There are also options from which you can deactivate/activate the feeds for the four modules (Opportunities, Cases, Leads, Contacts), as well as the user feeds (external links, images, YouTube videos). If you make any changes, don't forget to click on the Save button. Next to it there's also a button Delete Feed Entries which you can use to delete all current entries from the dashlet.

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