How to set passwords manually when adding new users in SugarCRM

By default, SugarCRM is configured to generate passwords automatically when you (as an admin) add a new user. The application also automatically sends the password together with the user name to the email of the user that you have specified when creating the user. By default, the settings for the automatically generated passwords are configured so that the password is a temporary one. The user will have to change it. Once they have credentials to log in users can do that at any time anyway.

If you want to, you can change the settings so that you will be able to set the password manually when you create a new user. After you log in click on the Admin button in the upper right corner to go to the admin panel. Then click on the button Password Management. This will display the password settings. The first section on that page is called System-Generated Passwords. To be able to set the passwords manually unmark the checkbox for the option Enable System-Generated Passwords Feature, and then click on the Save button. After you disable this setting, when you create a new user a tab called Password will be added. When you click on that tab you can specify the password for the user. In this case, once you add the user you will also have to manually send an email to the user containing the user name and the password.

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