How to install modules in SugarCRM

To expand the functionality of your SugarCRM application you can install various modules. This can only be done by administrators. You can download modules from SugarForge and SugarExchange. Before you download a module check whether it's compatible with the version of your SugarCRM.

After you download the module archive, log in to your account in SugarCRM and go to the admin panel by clicking on the Admin link in the top right corner. Then go down the page to the Developer Tools section and click on the Module Loader button. On the home page of the module loader click on the Browse button to find the archive that you downloaded on your local computer, and then click on the Upload button. The module will be listed in the second table of the module loader. Click on the Install button. On the next page accept the license agreement by marking the appropriate button, and click on the Commit button to start the installation process.

On the following page you'll be informed about the successful completion of the process. Click on the button Back to Module Loader and you'll be returned to the home page of the loader. The module will be listed in the first table. It should be enabled by default. You can disable or uninstall it by using the respective buttons for that module. All extensions that you install will be listed in that table, and you can manage them from there.

For some more details and screenshots check out the SugarCRM Modules Tutorial.

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