How to create and manage users in SugarCRM

Administrators can add new users in the SugarCRM applications that they manage. After you log in, click on the Admin button in the upper right corner of the page. On the admin page that opens click on the User Management button. This will display a table with all the users, if any. To edit the account of a user click on their name in the table. To create a user click on the Create New User button that's above the table.

On the new page that opens there are two tabs (User Profile, Advanced) with options that you can configure. You don't have to configure all the options. The user will be able to change most of the settings anyway, so if you want to, you can leave that task to the user. The settings that are required so that you can create the account are marked with a red asterisk. All of them are on the User Profile tab page: User Name, Status, Last Name, Email Address.

When you configure these settings and click on the Save button, the user account will be created. SugarCRM is configured by default to generate and send automatically a password to the user's email that you have specified. For this to happen the settings for the outgoing mail server that is to be used by the application should also be properly configured (admin panel>Email Settings button).

After the user is added, if needed, you can also restrict their access to modules and the actions that they can perform by creating a role and assigning that role to the user.

Once the user logs in to their account, they can change almost all of their account's settings.

For more details and screenshots you can also check out our SugarCRM Users Tutorial.

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