How to manage dashlets in SugarCRM

On the home page of every SugarCRM user account there are some panels showing different information. These panels are called dashlets. You can add new dashlets or remove the existing ones; you can edit them and change their positions on the home page.

To move the dashlets around the home page, hover the mouse pointer over the dashlet's name until the pointer turns into a four-arrow cursor. Then click and hold the left mouse button and drag the dashlet to the desired spot.

To edit, refresh and delete dashlets use the buttons that are in the right top corner of each dashlet. There are three buttons. Each one corresponds to one of the three mentioned functions.

To add new dashlets, use the Add Dashlets button. It's in the top right corner above the dashlets. When you click on it a new window will appear from which you can select the dashlet type that you want to add (Modules, Charts, Tools, Web).

For screenshots and more details on how to manage dashlets check out the SugarCRM Dashlets Tutorial.

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