How to create folders in the built-in SugarCRM email client

SugarCRM comes with a built-in email client which you can use to send and receive messages from any of your email accounts. The email client can be accessed by clicking on the Emails module tab in the navigation bar. If you want to, you can add new folders in the email client. To do this, access the built-in email client. The left panel on the page that opens is labeled Folders and it's for, as the name suggests, all the folders of the email client. Click with the right mouse button on the folder (e.g. Home, My Email) to which you want to add a subfolder. A Create Folder button will appear so just click on it with the left mouse button. When you do it a window will pop out. The window has a field in which you can type the desired name, then click on the OK button to save the folder. After you add the new folder you can rename it, delete it, or create subfolders by clicking on the folder with the right mouse button and selecting the corresponding option.

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