What's a List View, Detail View, and Edit View page in SugarCRM

List View, Detail View and Edit View pages are part of the terminology in SugarCRM. There are different core modules that come prepackaged with the application. When you first access a module by clicking on its tab in the navigation bar, a table containing all the records in that module will be displayed. This page is called a List View page and it has the same design for most of the modules, with a few exceptions (e.g. Home, Calendar).

When you access a module (e.g. Accounts) and you click on the name of a record in the table on the List View page, a page with details about that record will be displayed. This page is referred to as the Detail View page for the particular record. It gives you more information about the specific record, displays sub-panels with associated records, and it allows you to perform various tasks, such as editing the information. The edit screen for a record is referred to as the Edit View page.

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