How to create and assign roles in SugarCRM

Administrators can create and assign roles to regular users to limit their privileges. By default, when you create a new user that user is allowed to do anything within the rights of the regular user type.

To create a role log in to SugarCRM, click on the Admin button in the upper right corner, and on the admin panel click on the button Role Management. On the next page click on the Create Role button that's displayed in the navigation bar. On the following page you have to type the name of the role in the corresponding field and click on the Save button. On the next screen you'll see a big table with all the permissions. By default they are all set to Not Set which means that the access to all modules is enabled and that all actions can be performed by all users who are assigned to this role. These are the default permissions for the regular user type.

The first column of the table lists all the modules, the second the access permissions, and the other columns list the permissions for all the actions that can be performed with the records inside the modules. To change any of the permissions click with the left mouse button in the box for that permission and use the drop-down menu that appears to change the permission. The Access permissions are Not Set (equal to Enabled), Enabled and Disabled. The permissions for the actions (e.g delete, edit, etc.) are Not Set (equal to All), All, Owner, None. The All permission allows all users who are assigned to this role to perform the particular action. The Owner permission allows only the person who has created the records in that module to perform the particular action with those records. After you're done with the changes click on the Save button.

To assign users to the role that you just created use the User section that's under the table with the permissions. Click on the Select User button and find the user or users.

You can edit or change the permissions for a role at any time. Just go to the admin panel, click on the Role Management button, select the desired role and make the changes.

For more details and screenshots read the tutorial on creating roles and assigning users to them in SugarCRM.

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