How to prevent users from hiding tabs in the navigation bar in SugarCRM

By default, SugarCRM regular users can choose which module tabs are to be displayed in the navigation bar and which are to be hidden. Of course, they can choose only from the tabs that are displayed globally (from the admin panel). The tabs that are displayed globally are shown in the navigation bar of every user by default, unless the user decides to hide some of them. The changes that a regular user makes affect only the navigation bar of their account, and not those of other users.

However, you may want, as an administrator, to standardize the user accounts in terms of the module tabs shown in their navigation bars. You can do this by disabling the option which allows users to hide tabs. Log in to your SugarCRM application as an administrator, click on the Admin link in the upper right corner to access the admin page. Then scroll down the page to the section Developer Tools and click on the button Display Module Tabs and Subpanels. On the page that opens unmark the checkbox for the option Allow users to hide tabs and click on the Save button. Now users won't be able to hide module tabs, and they'll see in the navigation bar of their accounts all the tabs that are displayed globally. Administrators can display and hide module tabs globally from the same page of the admin panel (Developer Tools section>Display Module Tabs and Subpanels button).

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