How to add and manage customer addresses in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6

The admin panel of your PrestaShop has a separate section from which you can manage the addresses of your customers. You can add, edit and delete addresses. You can also turn address fields from optional into required ones.

By default, users can register themselves on the frontend without providing an address. Later, as registered customers they can add and manage their addresses from their account settings. If you want to you can make it required for them to add an address during registration.

Add New Customer Addresses from the Admin Panel

If you want to create an address for a customer, go to Customers menu>Addresses sub-menu and click on the Add new address button that's in the upper right corner of the page (in PrestaShop 1.5 it's called Add new).

This will open the form for adding customer addresses. The required fields are indicated with red asterisks. When you put the email of the customer in the respective field, the fields for first and last name will be automatically filled with the names of the customer who's registered with the email address. You can only add addresses for registered customers. You have to provide an alias for the address in the field for Address alias. Then type the street, city, and postal code/zip in the respective fields. Select the country (and the state, if the country has states). By default, you also have to provide either a home or a mobile phone number.

After you're done click on the Save button.

Edit and Delete Customer Addresses

To edit a customer address, go to Customers menu>Addresses sub-menu in the admin panel. In the table with the customer addresses find the one you need and click on its Edit button. The options that you can edit are the same ones as those on the form for adding addresses.

To delete an address, click on the arrow that's next to the Edit button in the table and then from the drop-down menu that appears select Delete. In PrestaShop 1.5 the button for deleting is right next to the one for editing; there's no drop-down menu.

Set Required Fields

Some of the fields that are on the address form are optional by default (e.g. Company). If you want to, you can make them required. To do this, after you go to Customers menu>Addresses sub-menu, click on the button Set required fields for this section that's under the table, in the list that expands mark the checkbox for the respective field and click on the Save button. The field will be required both on the frontend and backend.

Address During Registration and Phone Fields

By default, the address form is not included on the customer registration page on the frontend. If you want to make it required during registration, go to Preferences menu>Customers sub-menu in the admin panel and set the option Registration process type to Standard. On the same page there's also an option Phone number. You can use it to require customers to provide one phone number, either home or mobile, or to make both phone fields optional.

For screenshots and some more details read the tutorial on how to manage customer addresses in PrestaShop.

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