How to add and manage vouchers in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6

Vouchers, also referred to as shopping cart price rules, are used to give customers discounts for one or more products that are put in the shopping cart. Each voucher that you create has options with which you can determine the products to which it can be applied, the customers who can use it, the actual discount, etc.

Note that in PrestaShop there are also catalog price rules. They are used to apply discounts and promotions to products directly in the catalog. For information on that check out the tutorial on how to manage catalog price rules in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6, or the shorter article version.

In this article we'll briefly go over the shopping cart rules. For more details and screenshots read the tutorial on how to manage shopping cart price rules in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6.

Create Vouchers

To add a new shopping cart price rule, in the admin panel go to Price Rules menu>Cart Rules sub-menu and on the page that opens click on the button Add new cart rule (in PrestaShop 1.5 it's labeled Add new). On the page that opens you'll see displayed the general options of the voucher. There are two more pages with options; one is for the conditions that have to be fulfilled so that the voucher can be applied, and the other one is for setting the actual discount. You can navigate and change the pages using the tabs Information, Conditions, Actions. Now let's go over these options.

Options for General Information

On the form for adding/editing shopping cart rules there's a tab Information that displays the general options of the voucher. There's an option for the name of the voucher and an option for a description. The name is shown on the frontend, while the description is only visible in the admin panel. In the Code field you can either type some code yourself or use the button that automatically generates a code. If you add a code to the voucher, this voucher is applied on the frontend after the customer types the code in the field that's provided on the checkout page. So you have to send the code to the customers that you want to be able to use the voucher. If there's no code and the conditions of the voucher are fulfilled, the voucher is applied automatically.

If you enable the option Highlight and the voucher can be applied to the particular shopping cart, then it will be listed on the checkout page on the frontend. If there's a code for the voucher, the code will be listed too. If you enable the option Partial use and the amount of the voucher is greater than the price to which it's applied, then a second voucher with the remaining sum will be automatically created after the first original voucher is applied.

With the Priority option you can determine the order in which vouchers are applied. From the Status option you can enable and disable the voucher.

Options for Conditions

On the cart rule form click on the Conditions tab to configure the options for the conditions of the voucher. If you want only a particular customer to be able to use the voucher, select that customer from the option Limit to a single customer. Otherwise, if you leave it blank, it will be available to all customers. With the option Valid you can configure the period in which the voucher will be valid. From the option Minimum amount you can set a minimum amount that has to be reached so that the voucher can be applied; if the order in the cart equals that amount or is above it, then the voucher can be applied. You can select the currency of the amount, and you can also choose whether the tax and shipping charges should be included or excluded when comparing the amount of the order with the minimum amount.

With the options Total available and Total available for each user you can respectively configure how many times the voucher can be used and how many times it can be used by the same customer.

At the bottom of the page there are some checkboxes labeled Restrictions. With their help you can limit the use of the voucher based on different criteria: the country of the customer's address, the customer group to which the customer belongs, the selected carrier for delivering the order, or the products in the cart. All sorts of combinations can be created. When you mark a checkbox some additional options will appear.

Options for Actions

To set the discount of a voucher, on the form for adding/editing shopping cart rules click on the Actions tab.

If you don't want any shipping charges to be applied when the voucher is used, enable the option Free shipping. From the option Apply a discount you can select whether the discount should be calculated as a percentage from the price of the products, or whether it should be a fixed amount. You can also disable the discount altogether (e.g. if you want the voucher to be just for free shipping or for a gift). In the field that's under this option you can set the actual percentage or amount.

From the option Apply a discount to you can choose whether the discount should be applied to the whole order or to a specific product. If the discount is set in percents, then you can also choose for it to be applied to the cheapest product in the cart, or to the product(s) selected from the Restrictions option on the Conditions tab page (if you have selected any).

If you want a free gift to be sent to the customer when the voucher is applied, enable the option Send a free gift and use the field that appears to choose the product to be sent.

Manage Vouchers

To manage the existing shopping cart price rules, go to Price Rules menu>Cart Rules sub-menu in the admin panel. On the page that opens there's a table listing the vouchers. To edit the options of a voucher click on its Edit button in the table (in PrestaShop 1.5 it's a pencil icon). To delete a cart rule, click on the arrow next to the Edit button and select Delete from the drop-down menu that appears.

To enable/disable a voucher, click on the green checkmark/red X symbol in the Status column. To delete or enable/disable more than one voucher at the same time, mark the checkboxes for the vouchers (in the first column of the table) and select the action from the Bulk actions drop-down menu under the table.

For screenshots and more details check out the tutorial on how to set up and manage shopping cart price rules in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6.

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