How to move SugarCRM to a new host

In this article we'll list the steps for transferring SugarCRM to a new host. The process of transferring SugarCRM to a different hosting account with the same hosting provider is the same.

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To migrate your SugarCRM you have to:

  • Transfer the SugarCRM files and folders from the account from which you want to remove the application to the new hosting account. You can do this with an FTP client (e.g. FileZilla). Download the files and folders from the old account to your local computer and then upload them to the new hosting account.

  • Export from the old hosting account the database used by the application. After that import that exported database dump file in a database on the new hosting account. You can do these things with phpMyAdmin. This is an application for managing databases; you can access it from the control panel.

  • Edit the config.php file of the transferred SugarCRM and change the database information. In the file find the following lines:
'db_host_name' => 'localhost',
'db_user_name' => 'username',
'db_password' => 'password',
'db_name' => 'database_name',

The database host name should be localhost. Replace database_name with the name of the database into which you imported the database dump file. Replace username and password with the username and password of a user that has access to the database. You can add such a user for that specific database or you can use the master user. You can add/remove database users, access phpMyAdmin and manage your databases from the Databases section of the Pixie control panel.

For some more details you can also read the tutorial on how to migrate your SugarCRM.

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