How to reset passwords in SugarCRM manually

You can reset your password, as well as those of all users, directly from the database used by the SugarCRM application. This can be done through phpMyAdmin.

To access phpMyAdmin, go to the Databases section of the Pixie control panel and click on the phpMyAdmin link that's on the right side. Inside phpMyAdmin there's a list of all your databases in the left frame. Click on the name of the database used by your SugarCRM and its tables will be displayed in the right frame. Find the table labeled users and click on its name. On the page that opens you'll see a list of all the registered users; both regular users and administrators. Click on the Edit button for the user whose password you want to change. On the next page find the row labeled user_hash. Next to the label there's a drop-down menu and a text field. Type the desired password in the text field, from the drop-down menu select MD5, then scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on the Go button to save the changes.

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