How to reset the Joomla admin password

In this KB article we will show you how to reset your Joomla admin password through phpMyAdmin.

In order to reset the password for your Joomla admin user, you need to go to phpMyAdmin and select your Joomla database from the menu on the left. Then you need to find the users table (by default it will have a jos_ prefix and its full name will be jos_users, but the prefix may be different on your installation) and click on it.

Now find the database entry for your Joomla admin username (if you don't know your username and you have many users, look for a Super User entry in the name field) and click the pencil icon on its left. Then you need to find the field called password and replace the current hashed password with the new password you would like to use. Type the new password and from the drop-down menu next to it select MD5.

Finally, click the Go button at the bottom to save the new password. Now you will be able to log in to your Joomla admin area with the new password.


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