How to install Joomla 3 on your hosting account

If you want to install Joomla 3 on your Joomla hosting account, here's what you have to do:

  • Create a database and add a user to it. You can do that from the Databases section of the Pixie control panel.
  • Download the last stable release of Joomla 3 from the download section of the official Joomla site.
  • Unzip the downloaded archive that's on your local computer and upload the Joomla files and folders on your hosting account. Alternatively, you can upload the archive on your hosting account and unzip it there.
  • Open with your web browser the URL address corresponding to the location of Joomla on your hosting account. The first step of the installation process is for the main configuration; at that step you can choose the default language, type the name and description of your site, and specify the credentials of the administrator user that's going to be created. The second step is for the database configuration. Leave the Database Type to the default MySQLi, and the Host Name to localhost. In the corresponding fields type the name of the database that you created and the credentials of the user of that database. You don't have to change the randomly generated table prefix. At the next step you can choose the sample data type that you want to install, if you want to install it at all. Then just click on the Install button in the upper right corner. You'll receive a message congratulating you on the successful installation; on that page click on the Remove installation folder button and you're done.

For some more details and screenshots you can also check our Joomla 3 installation tutorial.

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