How to add and manage users and employees in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6

After you install PrestaShop only you have access to the admin panel through the super admin account that's created during the installation. If you want to, you can create other user accounts with access to the admin panel. In PrestaShop these users are referred to as employees. For each employee you can select a profile (a user role) which has a set of permissions that specify what the employee is allowed to do. For more information on profiles and permissions check out the tutorial on how to manage employee profiles and permissions in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6, or the shorter article version.

In this article we'll briefly go over the process of adding new employees and managing existing ones. For more details and screenshots check out the tutorial on how to manage employees in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6.

Create New Employee Accounts

To add a new employee, go to Administration menu>Employees sub-menu in the admin panel and on the page that opens click on the button Add new employee (in PrestaShop 1.5 the button is Add new). This will open a form with some settings. Type the first and last name and the email address of the employee in the respective fields. In the field for the password type a password for the account. After the account is created the employee will be able to access the admin panel with the email address and the password as login credentials.

From the drop-down menu Permission profile select a user profile for the employee. The profile has a set of permissions that specify what the employee can and can't do in the admin panel. PrestaShop comes preconfigured with several profiles that you can edit; you can also add new profiles.

The rest of the settings on the form for adding/editing the employee account are optional. You can select the language in which the employee will see the admin panel, you can change the theme of the admin panel, as well as the homepage that's displayed when the employee logs into the admin panel. You can also change the orientation of the admin menu and configure a couple of other options. From the Status option you can enable and disable the account. If you disable it, the employee will not be allowed to log in.

After you're ready with the options click on the Save button.

After the employee logs into their account they can change most of their account settings.

Manage Existing Employee Accounts

When you go to Administration menu>Employees sub-menu in the back office, on the page that opens you'll see a table listing the existing employee accounts. For each account there's a button with which you can edit its option and another one with which you can delete it. You can't delete the super admin account that was created during the installation.

If you want to enable or disable an account click on its green checkmark or red X symbol in the table column Can log in. It will turn into the opposite symbol and the account will be enabled/disabled.

To delete or enable/disable more than one employee at a time, mark the checkboxes of the employees (in the first column of the table) and select the action from the Bulk actions menu under the table.

General Employee Options

Under the table that lists the employees there's a panel with some options that affect every employee. One of these options is Password regeneration. With it you can set the time that an employee has to wait between two password changes. By default, it's six hours which means that if an employee changes their password, they have to wait six hours before they can change it again.

The other option is Memorize the language used in Admin panel forms. As you know for some of the fields on admin panel forms (e.g. product name, description) you can select one of the installed languages; whatever is typed in the field will be associated with that language. With the option for memorizing the language you can configure whether the language selected by an employee on any of the admin panel forms (e.g. product form) should be remembered; if the option is enabled and the employee opens another form it will be automatically set to that language.

If you make changes don't forget to click on the Save button.

For screenshots and some more details check out the tutorial on how to manage employees in PrestaShop 1.5-1.6.

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