How to add combinations and features to products in PrestaShop

In PrestaShop you can add product combinations and features. You can do this once the new product is saved (added), or when you edit a product that's already in your list of products.

You can create variations of the product from the combinations options for that product. To do it, click on the Catalog tab of your admin panel, find the product and click on the edit icon for that product. On the product settings page click on the Combinations tab. Then on the Combinations tab page select the group of attributes and the particular attribute from the respective drop-down menus. To add the attribute to the combination simply click on the Add button that's under the drop-down menus. Keep in mind that first you have to create the group of attributes and add attributes to it. The full installation mode of PrestaShop comes with some groups of attributes already preconfigured. You can add to the product combination attributes from more than one attributes group (e.g. color, disk space).

After you add the attributes, from the respective options you can specify whether the wholesale and the retail prices of this variation are different than the general for the product, and you can also set the availability of the combination. Then you can choose an image specific to this combination (e.g. color variations), and you can make the combination the default one. After you configure the settings click on the button Add this combination.

To add features click on the Features tab of the product settings page; it's right next to the Combinations tab. As with combinations, first you have to create/add the particular features. You can do this from Catalog>Features (notice that this Features tab is a different one). The full mode of PrestaShop comes with several features added (height, width, depth, and others).

On the Features tab page for the particular product you'll see a table with all the features. You can use the custom value text fields or the predefined values (if any) to specify values for the features (e.g. 5 inches, 1 pound, etc.). You don't have to specify values for any of the features; they are not required. However, you can provide values for those features that apply to the particular product. These values will be displayed on the frontend of the store, on the product page. In this way customers will have more information about the product. When you configure the features click on the Save modifications button.

For more details and screenshots you can also read the tutorial on adding combinations and features to PrestaShop products.

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