How to upgrade PrestaShop manually

This is a short article on how to upgrade your PrestaShop store.

  • Make a backup of the PrestaShop files on your hosting account and of the MySQL database used by the application. Do this before you start anything else.
  • If you have done any modifications to the translations or added new ones, export the language pack(s). You can do this from the admin panel of your store: Tools tab>Translations sub-tab. Any modifications to the code of core files will be lost during the upgrade, so you have to make them again after it's complete.
  • The next thing to do before you start the upgrade itself is to disable your shop. You can do this from the Preferences tab of your store's backend.
  • Download the last stable version of PrestaShop from the official site.
  • Unzip the downloaded archive. It contains a folder called prestashop.
  • Inside this prestashop folder find the folder called admin and rename it. Use the name of the PrestaShop administrator folder on your hosting account.
  • Upload the contents of the downloaded prestashop folder to the root PrestaShop folder on your hosting account. Overwrite the old files with the new ones.
  • Use your internet browser to open the URL address of the install directory that's inside the root PrestaShop folder on your account (e.g.
  • On the page that opens mark the button to confirm that you want to update your store, then mark the checkbox for the license agreement and click on the Next button. On the next page confirm that you have created a backup of your store by marking the respective checkbox. On the same page you can also use the theme validator link to check the compatibility of your theme (if different than the default). Click on the Next button to continue. The next page just lists the results of the compatibility test. Everything should be fine, so click on the Next button to finish the update process.
  • The next thing you should do is to delete the install folder from the root PrestaShop directory on your hosting account.
  • Go to the frontend and backend of your store and check to make sure everything works properly. If you exported language translations, import them from the admin panel (Tools tab>Translations sub-tab).
  • Enable your shop to make it accessible to customers. You can do this from your admin panel's Preferences tab.

For some more details and screenshots you can also check out the PrestaShop Upgrade Tutorial.

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