How to install and manage modules in PrestaShop

PrestaShop comes prepackaged with over a hundred modules/addons. In addition to this you can find many other modules in the addons section of the official PrestaShop site.

You can install/uninstall the default (prepackaged) modules from the backend of your store. After you log in to your admin panel click on the Modules tab. The modules are divided in different groups (e.g. Administration, Front Office Features, etc.). To see all the modules in a group click on the name of the particular section. To install a module simply click on the Install button next to the module's name.

If the module is installed you can uninstall it by clicking on the Uninstall button. Under the name of the module there are also some other buttons which you can use to disable or delete it, or to configure its options.

You can search for new modules on the official site, or you can do it directly from your store's backend (Modules tab>Modules & Themes Catalog sub-tab). Download the archive of the chosen module to your local computer. Don't unzip it. Then go to the Modules tab of your shop's admin panel and click on Add a module from my computer. It's in the upper left corner. A new section will appear on the page. Use the Browse button next to the field for Module file to locate the file on your local computer, and then click on the Upload this module button. Now you should be able to find the module in one of the sections on the Modules tab page, and you can install and configure it.

For some more details and screenshots you can read the PrestaShop Modules Tutorial.

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